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The International SAKURA Consulting supports businesses related gInternational Standardizationh.

Have you ever noticed ISO 9000 (Quality Management) or ISO 14000 (Environmental Management), so far? 

They are international common rules made by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).  As well as ISO, IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and ITU (International Telecommunication Union) also make international common rules, which are called gInternational Standardsh.

Your businesses owe the rules a lot to communicate to each other, to procure goods, to introduce new systems, etc. 

This company supports to make a new rule, or to understand rules such as International Standards.

Our Businesses

1. Consulting for International Standardization related activities

2. Supporting and advising in case of participating international conferences and fora, etc.

3. Technical documents translations (English to Japanese / Japanese to English)

4. Supporting to hold international conferences and to establish personal relationships

5. Supporting to write technical papers and patent applications

6. Any other above related businesses

Expertise Information and Telecommunications Technologies,
Information Processing including network technologies and computer technologies,
Smart Cites related technologies, and
Healthcare related technologies.

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